Party Tents!

There is something about the site of a big, white rental tent that sends my heart fluttering and mind into over-drive. I didn’t realize just how much I adore an event tent until I was driving in Santa Monica last Sunday and saw one proudly perched on the lawn of one of the many beautiful hotels that line the coastline.

I sat up just a little straighter, peering out the window, wondering what excitement lay ahead for attendees later that day, knowing that the event planner had already been inside for hours, creating a masterpiece. (Bear in mind it was 9 in the morning!)

You see, an event tent to an event planner is like a blank canvas to an artist. Oh the possibilities are endless – a winter wonderland, a crystal castle, a secret garden; a tent can be transformed into anything. The right linens, lights, furniture and florals and wahlaa – tadah – alakazaam- your wish is our command.

I remember as a young child my parents would rent a large white tent for our backyard to house our ever growing Italian family for our homemade Christmas dinner. The tent transformed our backyard into a traditional Italian dinner party to feed the masses. Wahlaa – LITTLE ITALY! Then it would transform again into a children’s playground where we all got to open our gifts. It was a really magical place. I should have known then, I would grow up to plan events, and love tents.

Thanks mom and dad!

What is the best event you have attended in a tent? Send us pictures or links!

Dream Big.

Photo Credit: The Knot