Passion is fuel, but not the steering wheel.

Chris Brogran, the genius blogger/writer/man that he is included this quote (forgive me for not remembering who it was from) in one of his recent posts and it could not be a better reminder for K. and I as we work tirelessly towards success.

“Passion is fuel. At best, it’s an engine. What passion doesn’t tend to do so well is steer. Passion will always go forward even if it’s aimed for the rocks. That’s why ships have crews and captains and navigation systems to keep all that power on course.”

K. and I have passion for days, an unyielding, (in my opinion) unmatched passion. We have the energy of a team of 10. However, we have to constantly remember that kind of passion and energy while always moving forward could indeed run us right into the rocks, or the ground for that matter. We have to keep our eye on the target, we have to make smart decision about how to get there and we have to channel that passion and energy. We have to be each other’s captains or rely on trusted colleagues and friends to steer us in the right path.

Is your eye on the prize or and do you have enough passion and energy to get you all the way there? What helps you stay on course ? What revs your engine?

Dream Big.