Peeps…The many talents of this little yellow candy!

I think I found my new favorite blog: Bakerella Blog. Now, I can’t lie – I like cookies, cupcakes, treats, etc. but more than the cookie I LOVE the dough…I would take cookie dough over a cookie any day! So for that, I wish that I had grown up and become a baker/cake decorator! Well, since that is definitely not in my near future, I’m going to live out my dream by doing cute little crafts from my new favorite blog, Bakerella!

Now, it’s not necessarily baking, but I thought this was so cute! I have grown up knowing that the Easter season meant our house would be filled with Peeps (my dad loves them!). So when I saw these pictures, I died! Peeps transformed to Pikachu…it’s just so cute!
Not only does the Bakerella Blog have this cute little craft, but she has the recipe & tons of ideas for cupcake lollipops…always a GREAT treat to have at every event, party, gathering! There are tons of great ideas on this site for your dessert table and/or take home treats – check it out today! Bakerella Blog.
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