Pen Pals!

Do you remember when you were younger and along with riding your bike for hours, popsicles in the summer and your first crush nothing was better than getting a letter in the mail from your pen-pal! Some pen-pals lived clear across the country, others, maybe at the end of the cul-de-sac. No matter, that letter was like gold.

Someone wrote, someone thought of you, someone had secrets to share and a world to tell you about. And now, you get the chance to write back and spill your secrets share your world! Why, oh why, would we let this timeless practice pass us by, slip away as quickly as we can delete emails in our inbox? Sad. Its just sad.

So, what can you do about it? First, buy yourself some beautiful stationary to inspire you to write on it. (We recommend anything from Then, pick a friend or family member you have not talked to or seen in a while and simply write a note to say hi. What a lovely gift of surprise and thoughtfulness you will be sending.

My cousins and I, who grew up having slumber parties, matching pj’s, and picking our favorite candidate for the Ms. USA Pageant, and have recently, rekindled our friendship and family ties through writing letters again. When I see a letter in the mail with their handwriting on the outside, well, you would think it was Christmas morning.

Offer someone you know a piece of gold, a small surprise. Send a note. Get a pen pal!

Dream Big. Write Often.