POP! Utterly Engaged New Year’s Party Table Inspiration

It’s been a couple months since we rang in 2011, but that doesn’t mean we can’t showcase this amazing table we created for Utterly Engaged and their New Year’s party held atAvia Hotel in Long Beach. This year’s party incorporated a table design contest where each group had to take the theme “Snap. Crackle. Pop” and run with it to create a unique design that would wow both the judges and the attendees.

We partnered with a strong group of vendors and created a table inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art.

Within the table design, we wanted to tell the couples story. The images hanging from the table (and all the other stationery included on the table) were designed byJordan of Mintwich Design and the structure was created by Amy’s dad withBride and Bloom Florals in Long Beach. They showed the couple’s engagement in a unique way: through pop art!

The cake was designed beautifully byErica with Erica O’Brien Cake Design.I loved how she created a cake that was whimsical and “pop”-ish at the same time (is that even a real term?).

We had a fun time coming up with the design for the table. Wewanted it to be unique and something we don’t typically do; our goal was to truly think outside the box.

Check out these amazing, custom made napkin ring holders fromJen Hearts Art! We loved what they added to the table.

Of course we couldn’t have done such a fun design without the unique chairs provided to everyone at the party fromClassic Party Rentalsand the beautiful linens byLa Tivola Linens in Newport Beach.

And huge props to Amy with Bride and Bloom Floralsfor the simple, but creative take on the centerpieces; her design fit the table perfectly.

Congrats to all the other tables and vendors in the room. We were completely “wow-ed” by everyone’s unique concepts and designs…we truly work in an uber-talented industry!!!

And thanks toD Park Phootgraphy andSamuel Lippke for the images; your time and talents are so appreciated.

Continue To Elevate,