Preventing the worst case scenario at your wedding or event…

…OK, maybe not the worst case scenario, but having your guests lost prior to the ceremony starting, or even worse, being late due to getting lost is pretty bad. Not only is it awkward when they walk in late to your reception, but it also puts them in a bad mood from the start, and nobody wants that!

I definitely recommend signage for an event, wedding or just a home party if there is a possibility for confusion. Is your house in the back of the neighborhood, do you have to take a few turns before arriving at the ceremony site or are you having breakouts after a general session? Whatever the event may be, think about it through the eyes of your guests and make sure you point them in the right direction…literally.

And since I am thinking about this in regards to weddings, take a look at some of these signs…now that has made an appearance into the event world, you can always find exactly what you are looking for! All of the signs above are from there, and of course we can direct you to the vendors if you need them…these are beautiful signs and I can’t wait to order them for an upcoming wedding!

So remember, if there is a chance to get lost, spend that extra couple dollars and order a sign…it will keep your guests happy and of course, on time!

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