Productivity begets Productivity

Why is it the more busy I am the more I can get done? Give me a deadline and a trillion things to do and all of a sudden I am a machine, producing more positive results than the MLB drug tests. But you give me just one or two tasks and its like the weight of a thousand elephants on my shoulders just to do one of them.

Somebody explain this crazy phenomenon to me. I don’t get it. However, I am thankful for it for in this crazy world we call event planning, when do we ever have just one or two things to do?

In fact, I am sitting here, on a Holiday weekend, having just moved apartments, planning for a conference, a sporting event, a wedding, handling a registration for another event…oh and writing this blog. But mind you, I will get every last item on my checklist done. Why you ask, because I don’t have time to procrastinate or over-process a single item. No time to over-think, over-plan, burry myself in the weeds of the 14 shades of purple that would work for the napkins or the 12 different toggle buttons to use for the registration page. Just point and shoot.

How often are we over-planning and not just trusting our gut instincts? We are good…forget that…we are great at what we do for a reason! Believe in that and start planning away…your deadline (and mine!) awaits!

Dream Big.