Quality vs. Quantity

Sure there is power in numbers but what about the power of your numbers? I am entirely more interested in the networking power, conversations and active participation of our 700 or so followers on twitter (Intertwined) and few thousand blog readers than I am in winning a million-follower bet with Ashton Kutcher.

Ok, not that Ashton was betting with me, or even knows if I am following him or not. I am trying to prove a point. You can have a million people following you but are they active? Do they participate? Do they empower you, challenge you, benefit you? Sure there is power in numbers but in this great land of social media we are all far better off focusing on the power of the community we have cultivated.

I can keep up with those numbers. I know what people are talking about, doing. I remember someone has a big meeting or was looking for a florist or is great at connecting people online. I know the people in my community and that knowledge is powerful! It is also genuine, personal and engaged. These are key elements, in my opinion, to the success of any social media campaign, or really any friendship.

Are you not yet seeing the ROI (Return on Involvement) you were hoping for or that the media has hyped? Then I must ask the question…how active are you? How engaged and powerful are you choosing to be online for the communities you have joined and follow. Are you giving people interesting content, relevant links, insightful feedback? When you participate, genuinely, others will see that and return the favor. Be a friend online, not just a marketer or “that guy” that shows up to the picnic empty handed. Bring something to the table.

What is the particular power of your community? What can you bring to that table?

Dream Big. (Big quality that is)