Rainbow Cake…YUMMY!!!

I recently talked about my obsession for baking…well, when I saw this on another blog, I HAD to post it for all our readers! Talk about being the talk of the party…bring this cake and I’m sure you will be a fan favorite!! OR, think about what a great cake this would be at a child’s birthday party…or even a baby shower!

And if you don’t want to bake it, just check out these pictures…For the full how to, and of course more pictures, check out the artist behind this cake: http://www.omnomicon.com/rainbowcake.

Oh yes – and did I tell you the best part? It’s made with DIET SPRITE – No eggs, no oil, no extra fat!! I love that kinda party!

And of course, you can change the color of the cake depending on the occassion…you better believe my spring table will be set with a pastel version of this beautiful cake!!!

Tell us what you think about this cake! And of course, send us your pictures if you give it a try!!
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