Reader Q&A:

Here we are with the second week of Reader Q&A’s! This week’s question is about the misc. accessories every bride to be needs for their wedding!

I was wondering if you had any suggestions for where I could find some creative/unique flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, and accessories. – October Bride to Be

My go to places for flower girl baskests, ring bearer pillows and decorative accessories is or your florist. Depending on your florists’ experience level, they can come up with some really creative ideas for both your flower girl (pomanders, baskets, flower purses, etc.) and ring bearers that match your overall theme. Review their past look, bring pictures as inspiration or draw out your idea and discuss the possibilities with your florist; they want your wedding to be as beautiful as you do and will go the extra mile to create your vision.

An Etsy Favorite of mine for Ring Bearer Pillows isWhite Thistle Bridal.Some are very “intense”, but they have a big variety and can customize to fit your theme/colors.

If you are also looking for guest books, toasting flutes, cake cutting tools, etc.there are tons of websites out there you can use. Personally, I always encourage brides to pick out the flutes and cake cutting tools they want and ask someone close to them to purchase them for their shower – then you don’t end up paying for it. As well,you will look at it as agift so it’s a little more meaningful. Macys actually has a really good line of stuff out.Katie Spade also just came out with some stuff that is girly, but modern which I love.

Wedding Mountain is where you can find your traditional cake servers, toppers, glasses, etc…a little more on the traditional, predictable side, but definitely nice and you could probably find what you are looking for.

If all else fails, you can literally spend hours on Etsy and find everything you are looking for – I don’t know if you have a theme to your wedding or just colors, but whatever it is, you can get personalized stuff to really add that extra touch to your wedding on etsy (signage, the ring bearer pillows, jewelry for you/bridesmaids, gifts for wedding party, etc.).

Does anyone have any personal favorites to share with our brides to be?

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Photo From: Francoise Weeks