Reader Q&A: Rehearsal Dinner Invite Debate

Week 3 of our Reader Q&A sparks a debate on who should be invited to the rehearsal dinner.

Volvo760 asks “Should out of town guests be included in the rehearsal dinner?”

This is always an interesting topic as the answer can easily change with every wedding, but the main point is that it’s up to you as the couple!

If you have a lot of people in town who traveled to your wedding, but you want to keep the rehearsal dinner intimate, think about hosting a casual cocktail hour at the host hotel (where your room block is located). You can have the hotel distribute a note to each guest room under your block that you will be at the hotel bar from 8 – 10pm and would love to see everyone there. This is a casual, open invite and gives everyone the opportunity to catch up without any additional fees to the host.

Depending on your budget, you can invite whomever you choose to the rehearsal dinner. Rules are not concrete in regards to your wedding; you need to make decisions that you will be comfortable with for years to come. If you want open up your dinner to the wedding party, and all out of town guests, that is completely up to you. It’s not required, anticipated or inappropriate to invite, or not invite, specific guests.

Have fun with the rehearsal dinner, try to relax and live in the moment as you celebrate over food and drinks with your closest family, friends and/or significant others!

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Photo Courtesy of: Paige Chenault