Reader Q&A: Traditional Chair vs. Modern Seating

We are starting a new feature where we take some of our reader’s questions and answer them here on the blog! I love the saying that no question is a stupid question, as well as the idea that you might as well ask the question, because if you have it, someone else probably has the same one…which I think is so true!

Our first question is “My best friend wants non-traditional seating for her wedding in Orange County. She is interested in something that gives off a casual, beach vibe and that’s different than the day to day weddings you always see. Any ideas?”

My mind went straight to Carissa of JL Designs’ wedding in Malibu, California. She used wood benches with white, padded covers. I loved the clean lines as well as the organic look of the wood; this type of seating is perfect for the beachside, casual wedding our reader’s friend was going for!

Photo From: Jasmine Star
These benches are available from Town and Country Event Rentals. They are part of the Amalfi line and categorized as a mahogany bench.
We hope you enjoy this new series of Reader QandA’s. If you have something you would like to ask, leave a comment and we will answer your questions right here on the blog!
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