Red – White – Khacki – Strawberry Inspired Inspiration Board

Something about the idea of strawberries has always made me happy…whether it was the idea that they taste the best during summer, or that my grandpa and I always ate strawberries with brown sugar together, I just love everything about them.

Tying in a rustic element with khacki and wood along side a simple polka dot, I think this inspiration board is the perfect mix of cutesy and trendy.

The key elements I would tie into this wedding would be red pomanders, strawberry lemonaide served in mason jars, mini pies served along side your wedding cake, paper flowers as the escort cards, decor in trees, and polka dots incorporated into the paper items and children’s attire.

Continue To Elevate,

Cake: Sweet And Saucy Shop
Boots: Zappos
Bride and Groom: Hoffy Blog
Picnic Basket:
Pomanders: The Knot