Sometimes the best days are those that were originally unplanned.

Valentines Day happened for me on Saturday this year since my boyfriend was working on Sunday (he is an EMT so works 24 hour shifts). Since Sunday was technically a holiday in my book, I took the time to really relax and do simply, whatever I felt like doing. Although I planned to be productive and get some stuff checked off my to-do list, I ended up going back to new year’s resolution of doing more for myself and spent the day with myself and for myself.

Let’s see…my day was rather bothing, but to me, exactly what I wanted:

7:00 – Woke up and went to Hot Power Yoga
9:00 – Delicious breakfast with one of my closest friends
11:00 – Hike with my partner in crime, my little yorkie, Cali (pictured above – so cute!)
12:00 – Started reading a book outside in the beautiful sunshine – Cali chased lizards and before I knew it, we had been outside for 3 hours
3:00 – Came inside and finished my book (wow – 345 pages in one day, I was impressed)
5:00 – Got a little bit of work done…little being the important word in this sentence
7:00 – Couch

It was a great day, and above all else, it was relaxing…I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a day scheduled out with many goals to accomplish during the day.

It was refreshing to do what I wanted to do and enjoy the California Sunshine. I said it before and I’ll say it again, time to yourself really is the key to keeping your sanity, especially in a busy industry such as special events.

Bottom line, take the time to sit back and relax – it could be exactly what your mind and body need in order to get more done tomorrow!

Continue to Elevate,