Rock of Love…Bridal Party Style

We had the opportunity to plan our first bridal/bachelorette party for a dear friend this weekend. With a small invite list, a venue loaned from a friend (a.k.a her house), and a limited budget we were looking to create an intimate gathering to celebrate her getting married August 1st, but also provide the crazyness of a bachelorette party.

Well, of course that gave us the brilliant idea to theme it after Rock of Love…those girls are crazy and always have a good time! With that theme, the decorations for the event came to life – hot pink and black made up the color palette with all sorts of prints – from zebra to polk a dots. There are lots of different textures involved in the decor from shiny things to feathers to velvet…we used it all!

We were on a tight budget and it was agreed that each guest would bring their favorite “tour bus snack” to the party…the guest showed up with veggies, dips, crackers, “weenie wraps” (perfect for a pleasure party), fruit and delicious cupcakes!
For the drinks, we wanted them to fit the theme (pink) without breaking the bank. We did “Rock-Mosas” which consisted of raspberries at the bottom of the class, 1 tablespoon of grenadine, champagne, coated with a hot pink sugar rim…they were to die for! Staged on the drink bar, guests could pick up a ready made glass while also seeing how to do it for themselves on their next trip to the beverage bar!

And of course, every party has to have some sort of entertainment! We invited Linda from Linda’s Pleasures to put on a one of a kind pleasure party – talk about making an awkward topic classy! She was professional, arrived on time, broke the ice with some very fun games…every girl had an amazing time with her and is looking forward to the next one!

This was a great event to plan, not only because it was for a close friend, but because we were able to get creative and use elements of the house for our decor. We covered candles that didn’t match the theme with scrapbook paper and ribbons, took a lime green drink bucket and covered it with pink wrapping paper and a boa, and used candies to fill vases…it was a lot of fun and didn’t break the bank for the host!
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