Sempre Ricordare.

Sempre Ricordare–Always Remember in Italian. I have these two simple words tattooed on the top of my right foot. It is to remind me of the Italian proverb that profoundly states, “Always remember where you came from, where you are, and where you want to go.”

I always knew these words would carry me through my life. They are my mantra, if you will. Shoot, I tattooed them permanently on my foot…they better be! How quickly I forgot my own mantra this week. How easily I abandoned that which makes me brilliant!

We said this blog would be to capture the truth, good or bad, about starting a business. Well there are definitely some great things about it. But when you are laid off from your steady 9-6 job (come on, who has a 9-5 anymore, and if so, are they hiring?!) that was helping to pay for your startup, well it gets a little harder to “remember where you came from” and “where you want to go.” It is, however, incredibly easy to sit and obsess on the “where you are” part.

So, where am I? I, as well as my boyfriend and 25% of the rest of the employee force at my former company were let go, including a founder. Hey, it’s a good lesson to learn. No one is special or exempt. It’s a tough economy and decisions are made. That being said, thank god I have Intertwined, K. and a whole network of people that (to be quite Italian about it) have my back!

Sempre Ricordare. I have to remember where I came from‚ÄîI’m good at what I do and worked hard to get good at it. And remember where I want to go‚ÄîI want to dream big, live big and love big.

And if “everything does happen for a reason” (seriously that phrase is making me want to vomit these days…if I hear it one more time! Ha ha!) then I have to believe that this is what needed to happen to ensure the success of Intertwined. I have so much time to finish that dreaded Biz Plan and contact potential clients. And for godsake, finish the website! save it as a favorite its coming 12/1.

Remember where you come from, where you are, and where you want to go. And then…

…Dream Big.