Separate Yourself From The Rest!

I think about this concept a lot – what is going to make a bride approach us to help with the biggest day of their life instead of the planner next door? What makes Intertwined stand apart?

I have many reasons why I think we are good at what we do…We always put our clients first, we make ourselves available whenever a client needs us, we aspire to inspire our brides and allow them to envision their perfect day and most importantly, we strive to make the planning process just as enjoyable as the wedding itself…but how do I show this to potential clients when all they see is our website, twitter, blog, facebook, etc?

Although I would love to say I have found the answer to this, I’m still working on it daily. I have put myself in other’s shoes and asked myself why I love the blogs I do, and more importantly, the vendors behind those blogs?

Personality. Humor. Honesty. Real World Experience.

Are we missing these things on our sites? Do we portray our personalities on our sites or is it just full of words and pictures meant to bring a bride and groom through the door?

As I continue to make edits and process the truth behind our on-line image, I want to share with you an image we just had created that we are working to incorporate into our branding. The idea behind this was to come off on paper as something more than a logo, something you can relate to and something that makes someone stop and take a second look. Thanks to Ashley Brooke Designs, I’m excited to start incorporating our planner/bride image into our social media world!

What are your thoughts? How do you make yourself stand out from the rest?

Continue to Elevate,