She found another gem! Scout on the Town visits Twisted Vine in “DTF”…

Downtown Fullerton…many memories come to mind when I think of “DTF”, but gone are the days of Top 40’s dance mixes, overcrowded and sweaty dance floors and $2 kamikaze shots. I have slowly been growing up and so are the places I visit. Step into the doors of the Twisted Vine and you’re instantly pulled away from the loud and rowdy college crowd into a serene, dimly lit wine bar.

Racks of wine line a shelf offering its wine connoisseurs with approximately 200 different wines to choose from, whether you are there catching up with friends in the larger section with a comfortable black leather couch or sitting on one of the high tables. The Twisted Vine is sure to offer a unique ambience to Downtown Fullerton.

As I looked around the room, groups of friends huddled together deep in conversation as the independent folks post up at the bar. Is the Twisted Vine good for dates? Yes! You always see couples young and old, either on their first date or their 50th. I can’t really blame them, aside from being a great spot for people to reconnect at post-work or on the weekends. The Twisted Vine is one of the most romantic spots that you’ll find in Fullerton. The history of the bar alone is romantic enough to make any girl melt and sigh.

Once upon a time, the owners of the Twisted Vine met in Downtown Fullerton. As the prince whisked away his princess, they journeyed to the lands of Napa Valley where they brought back their love for wine to Downtown Fullerton and opened up a sophisticated wine bar called the Twisted Vine. And they lived happily ever after…

The Twisted Vine is located at 127 W. Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, 92832. They are open daily Monday-Friday at 11am and Sat. and Sun. at 12pm. They offer weekly beer and wine flights and serve lunch and dinner. Check out for more information and for reservations call 714.871.1200.

The service is impeccable, with managers and servers ready to assist with wine suggestions as soon as you take your seat. Let me prelude by saying how much I LOVE Capri salads and nothing gets better than a mini bite size Capri salad! So be sure to sample the Caprese Skewers which consist of organic grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil and drizzled with a sweet balsamic shallot reduction and basil olive oil. You can’t help but continue to re-dip your skewers into the dressing.

Count me in when there is any type of dip around; the Dip Trio is absolutely delicious. So delicious in fact that the waiter had to keep bringing out more crostini for us hungry ladies. The Dip Trio consists of three tantalizing dips, the roasted garlic artichoke dip, olive tapenade and the sun dried tomato cheese dip (my favorite). All served with mini bites of crostini.

After sharing a bottle of Riesling (I forgot which one I ordered), I was happily relaxed and ready to head home for the evening. I will definitely be back to my new favorite Downtown Fullerton spot, let’s not call it DTF anymore and hope all of you will enjoy it as much as I did. After all, I can still taste those amazing Caprese Skewers!

S.(cout) on the Town