Starting from Scratch

What a week to live in Yorba Linda…fires everywhere you looked, ash covers your entire house, no in or out privilages in your neighborhood…it felt like a war zone and all I could think of was thankfully, I still have a home. That got me thinking about the people who lost their homes and trying to figure out where to start. Who do you call? How do you find the people that can help you? Where are the resources you need? How are you going to get through this? And not to sound cliche or insensitive, but it got me thinking about starting a business as those are the same questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis!

As M. stated, the business plan is done – woo hoo! One huge item off our to do list (Yes, I too love a good to do list). But where do we go now…we have our plan in place, similar to an idea of your dream house, but where do you start?

M. is the social media experts of our business – she knows everything that is going on, who to talk to, yelp with, tweet with (seriously!)…at least I know we are covered there.

What about clients? How do we make ourselves stand out in this crazy economy? What can we do to become a success?

I read this great piece from a magazine that I want to share, specifically directed towards event planners on what you can do NOW to make yourself stand out…especially since you may have a little time to twiddle your thumbs in this slowing economy:

1. Work towards obtaining your CMP – you can do it! It takes a lot of work and a lot of dedication, but this designation can be yours…less than 10% of the event world has a CMP…Get out there and shine!
2. Reconnect with your network – haven’t gone to lunch lately with your favorite supplier that always cuts you a good deal…do it today! This may be a potential opportunity to discuss leads.
3. Volunteer your time – sure, it may be a volunteer position today, but their HUGE gala might be a paid event and it could have your name written all over it!
Project work – pick up a contracting gig that is a little less pay than you are used to – at least you are getting out there and putting your skills to work!

You can become a success, even in this crazy time and that’s what we are planning on doing – we will continue to elevate our brilliance, even in this slow start up time.

And to the police and firefighters in Yorba Linda – god bless you…thanks for keeping our dreams alive.

Continue to Elevate.