Take it to the Limit

Some of you may have seen the previews lately for the Movie, “Yes Man” with Jim Carey. I have not seen it yet, but have seen the previews and read reviews and it really has me thinking. He is told to only say yes to things for a duration of time (that I am unsure of) and by doing that, he really gets to live life…Yes, I will go bungey jumping. Yes, I will help the needy. Yes, I will party like a rockstar. It makes a lot of sense and for that, I think this movie is really going to be a great hit and something for which people can relate.

But at the same time, what about those people who can’t say no. Yes, I will plan to spend Christmas with four different families. Yes, I will plan camp. Yes, I will plan M’s birthday party. Yes, I will wrap and buy everyone’s Christmas presents. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE doing all this stuff and that’s why I say yes to it all – but I have found out this week there is a limit one reaches, and you should not push that line. Prior to this week of Christmas cheer I have been very busy with work, MPI, planning, celebrating and preparing…And of course the one week I need to accomplish it all, I get sick with the stomach flu and now strep throat…you think I need to learn my limits?

I re-learned a couple things this week that I would like to share as I really think it would have made a difference! First, SLEEP – you need at least 8 hours of it – don’t deprive yourself of sleep in order to wrap a few more presents…the paper and present will still be there in the morning! Second, it’s absolutely ok to ask for help…that’s why I have a partner in this business – M. picked up all the pieces over this past week for me as I struggled to stay alive! Third, take a moment and just breathe. Once everything was planned I just sat back and realized all I had accomplished in a week – it was a lot and I was so grateful to be done, but so blessed to have experienced all of it!

Friday night was M.’s big party and believe me, it was GREAT! I will post pics and some party ideas for you all tomorrow! Today, it’s family day…time to spend time with my loved ones and relax! (And hopefully get better.)

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