Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 10

Many of my friends and I are in very different stages of our lives. We’re all involved in some kind of marriage, but not necessarily the type that involves a significant other. Many of my friends are married to their jobs and career goals. Some are actually married to husbands and have wonderful children that do not repel me from the idea of ever having my own. Some are married to the world, feeling the constant itch to travel and live in foreign countries.

And some are waiting…Hey it worked for “Waity Katie!” I am an unofficial bridesmaid for many weddings that have yet to happen. Why? We’re all simply waiting for HIM to put the ring on her finger and pop the question. Until that happens, my friends and I will try to answer the question that every girl wants an answer to. “When will I get married?”

Luckily for me, my friends are in various stages of their lives so the infamous question will have many answers.

For the travel bug, she will probably get married once she settles down in one location long enough to meet a man and date him. However, we all think she will end up married after a month of meeting someone because she will instantly know he is the one.

For Tiffany and Co. who has already been trying on wedding rings. She will have to wait patiently while her boyfriend acclimates to his new job. After all, men like to be somewhat financially stable before purchasing the ring right?

For the nice girl, she will get her answer when her live-in boyfriend is able to face the realities of marriage. Why get married when you already live together and share finances? Because it’s her chance to plan a wedding, put on a dress, and celebrate the moment she changes or hyphenates her last name. Note to guys: marriage isn’t just simply signing paperwork at a courthouse. To girls, it is so much more!

For the career diva, she will get married when her career is stable, her higher degrees have been achieved, and she has met the man who can accept her for her desire to break more glass ceilings.

For the girl who is waiting, she has her guy. She has her wedding all planned out. She is simply waiting for the question to come. And my dear friend, it will be when you least expect it. So stop trying to ruin the surprise for yourself.

For all of the brides to be, they are keeping busy until the date on the invitations actually arrives.

So when will I get married? Who knows? I don’t. You don’t. He probably doesn’t. My pink, glittery Magic 8 Ball won’t tell me. I guess I will just wait and see.