Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 11

Ocean view, mimosas, brunch…why couldn’t all meetings be conducted this way? I met up with the MOH (maid of honor) and a fellow bridesmaid to discuss one of the most important aspects of wedding planning. The bachlorette party!

The following list comprises what many of America’s bachlorette parties consist of:

Exciting locale
Bridal veils, bridesmaid boas
Sparkly tank tops that read “Bride” and “Bridesmaid”
Pink, feathery and glittery decor
Male strippers
Penis toys, games, etc. (hate to sound like a prude, but why would you want to walk around with a crown of tiny penises on your head in public? Just my opinion, but don’t think I don’t giggle when I see it.)

Our list will look something like this:

Exciting locale
Bridal veils, classy but matchy-matchy bridesmaid dress code for one night (hey gotta stand-out and find each other in a crowd!)
Poolside lounging
Delectable dinners with specialty menus

In order to not divulge too much information before our June date arrives. I am proud to say that we accomplished so much today at our meeting. We will be heading to Sin City to celebrate like many other bachelor and bachlorettes do every weekend, every year.

Whether weplan every last detail of our entire trip complete with limo service from California to Vegas with VIP entry to the clubs, or choose to fly (or drive) out andchoose our fun as we go – it will definitely be a weekend to remember. I like to think that this could be reminiscent of the movie, the Hangover. But I can rest assured that our bride will not go missing, no girl will lose a tooth, and we will not wake up to a tiger in our bathroom. (Sorry, Charlie.)

Instead we will be lounging by the pool during the daytime, dancing until all hours of the night, and satisfying our palate with ice cream brunches and late night carbohydrate binges.

So regardless of whether your bachlorette party will be a Vegas blowout, a spa retreat, or a night out to the local bars with friends. Enjoy this event because it’s her “last single girl” moment.

Until next week my friends…