Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 12

It’s pouring rain, my feet are soaked. The weather is cold and runners continue to pass by me. Mile 21 is finally here. I glance around at the other runners. Some in trash bags, many rubbing their hands for warmth. Some are now walking and another bare footed runner just ran by with a smile on his face ready to complete the “from Stadium to Sea” LA Marathon in five more miles.

I tell the runners to keep going and that they’re almost there. Many smile and say thanks but others just miserably run or walk by. Unlike them. I’m standing on the sidewalk with an umbrella over my head, warmed up in three layers complete with a thick scarf and Ugg boots. Did you think I was actually running in the marathon? Not a chance.

However, I was there to support someone who was. In early June, one of my great friends will be ready at the starting line to run the most important race of her life. She will conquer obstacles far more difficult than rain and acquire wounds far worse than blisters on her feet. She is embarking on a new course as she takes on the new role of Wife.

I’m not saying that marriage is entirely difficult and should be seen as a chore (after all, I’m not married) but from what I have observed, it’s not going to be easy either. From start to finish, my friend endured not only one of the worst rain storms I’ve seen as an LA resident, but the drive to persevere through the hardships. Ambulances carrying away other runners, paces starting to slow, and rain continuously pouring down on them. She knew that she could do it and I’m sure that having friends and family cheering her on from the sidelines provided the support she needed to keep going.

Brides, remember that. Keep your friends and family close because when things get tough, it’s your cheerleaders who will get you through it all. The encourage(r)s, the listeners, and even the ones you call just to vent to. Acclimate to your new role as Wife but don’t forget the ones who supported you on your path to get there.

The best part of it all. When my friend finished the race, her fiance was waiting at the Finish line. And, when you have found the right guy for you, hewill always be waiting at that Finish line with a proud smile on his face.

Until next week my friends…

P.S. “Bride to be” finished the LA Marathon in 5:30:12!