Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 15

I am sure I have told you thatI LOVE anything princess related but couldn’t help but think what would have been different if Disney movies had incorporated Bridesmaids (aka the Princess’ human friends).

Cinderella would never have been locked up in the tower as her stepsisters tried on her glass slipper. Because with one SOS text, the bridesmaids would have been there to kick some major stepmom butt. As for Jasmine, she would have never been held captive as a future bride for Jafar because girls can spot a snake a mile away. Especially the ones that cast evil spells on people. As for Aladdin, we would have to have a talk about not telling lies and being true to you. As the genie even said, Be Yourself! Ariel could have saved time if she would have let her Mer-bridesmaids set her up with Eric instead of selling her voice to Ursula. Sleeping Beauty probably wouldn’t have pricked her finger if she would have ordered her dress or any other type of clothing from an outside (of the castle) vendor. After all, the bridesmaids did.

Good job Belle, you saw in the Beast what none of the rest of us would have seen. You stuck it out and ended up with a Prince. Bravo!

What I’m basically saying is that despite how happily each of these stories ended. Things could have been so much different if Bridesmaids were added to the story lines. So brides, thank your bridesmaids every once in a while. They may not be battling evil villains but they may justget really close to doing so as your wedding approaches. All so that you can have a flawless day and live happily ever after.

Until next week my friends…