Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 16

Gulp down a Slimfast every morning for the next several months. Maybe I should replace two meals a day with Special K cereal. Or I can eat lean meats and cut out white carbs until the wedding. One of my biggest regrets as a Bridesmaid is that I never work out for that special day. I figure who cares if my arms are a tad bit wobbly or that my abs aren’t bikini ready. It’s your special day, not mine! None of the guests are there to see me and I blend into the crowd once the DJ starts spinning anyway. That is until months later, I visit the happy couple in their new home and see wedding photos of the fat bridesmaid. That’s me! I begin to wonder why I didn’t lift some more weights, why didn’t I cut out that carbo-licious meal?

It’s like you never win unless you’re one of the few lucky people who get to live at the gym every day but who really has the time for that?By the time I leave the office or school and get home, the last thing I want to do is schlep myself back out to head to the gym. Call it lack of motivation or just another excuse for me not to work out but it’s true. I look forward to traffic free evenings when I get to head home, relax with the pup before taking her out for a walk, and then preparing dinner or going out to find some for the night. Plus don’t they say it’s bad to work out before bed, anyway?

Sure I lift a couple of 5lb weights every now and then. Make mental notes to buy whole wheat versus starchy carbs and roll out the yoga mat at home. However, it still doesn’t add up to the same benefits of sweating it out on the stair master and elliptical for an hour. With a poolside bachlorette coming up in my near future, I should care more. I should want to try the crazy cookie diet or drink a week’s worth of detox to rid myself of water weight.

Let’s behonest, we all know I’m not going to do any of that. Until my gym is finished with its upgrade in June, I’m not going to hunt down another gym either. I’m not going to make evening work outs routine, but I will make a conscious effort to eat less french fries and chips as the wedding date approaches. I guess I could also roll out the yoga mat more. Great for mind and body? Who wouldn’t want that kind of workout?! It’s all about moderation. Eating healthy and exercising when possible. No point in stressing out over it. I have plenty of other things on my mind that doesn’t involve my semi-jiggly arms.

I know, I know. I most likely exaggerated a bit in this post but I really see no point in girls having to kill themselves over weight loss and appearances. I’m the average girl. Average height, average weight for my age. I don’t stand out in crowds and that’s what I like about me. I think I’m doing well for now. No point in stressing right? However, I think I’ll have some salmon for dinner sans baked potato with extra sour cream.

Until next week my friends,