Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 17

Bridal showers. They all follow the same format. Each just vary in size and budget. This post will be about games since it tends to be the main feature of every shower.
I once had a bride who specifically said no games. That was easy for us. So what did we do? Belly dancing instead, I mean, of course, right, wouldn’t you?!.
However, this past weekend I attended the standard shower. It featured a light lunch, cake, bubbly drinks, games, and presents. The first game featured placing nametags on the backs of every guest upon arrival. It served as an icebreaker and allowed guests to ask questions in order to obtain clues of the famous woman stickered on their back.
Next was the ring game. It’s about as common as wrapping girls up in toilet paper to create wedding gowns. Each guest was given five rings. They were unable to say the bride or groom’s name the entire day. The offender’s ring would be taken away if they were caught.

Present bingo! Each guest filled out a bingo sheet with potential gifts the bridewould open. First to complete a row wins. Next up, guests wrote out items in the bride’s purse. We proceeded to empty out its contents to see who got it right. The key is to not forewarn the bride or she might clean out her bag.

Bridal shower games vary depending on the bride’s preference. There’s trivia, toilet paper bride, drawing with a plate on your head, and much more. Sometimes it’s fun to use these but it’s great to mix it up and think outside the box too. Belly dancing anyone? What are some of the best bridal shower games you have played or planned?

Until next week my friends,