Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 19

Vegas Baby! Whatever happens in Vegas…may just pop up online if a bridesmaid just happens to be a blogger!(wink, wink) Let me give you a sweet short summary of the innocent debauchery which took place this past weekend. Two nights at the Palazzo, dinner at the delicious Switch inside Encore, and two nights of dancing until my feet had blisters at Marquee and XS. So that’s the summary. What really happened was reminiscent of a girl version of the Hangover minus live animals and an actual wedding.

So while I can’t divulge anything further than that due to my bridesmaid confidentiality, plus there’s a chance the groom might take a peek at this. What can I tell you?

The bride enjoyed the string of NEW thongs and panties over her bed. In order to get an undergarment, she had to correctly answer questions that her fiance had already previously answered. For all of the leftovers due to her wrong guesses, we compiled a dare list for her to accomplish tasks in order for her to take home the remaining underwear. They were so much fun!

For those looking for a delicious dinner, I highly suggest trying out Switch. I think everyone should eat there at least once while in Vegas. Where else can you dine as the walls and ceiling literally “switch” scenery every 20 minutes? The Filet was to die for, melted in my mouth as nibbles of creamed spinach, truffled mac and cheese and mashed potatoes completed my meal.

Wanna dance the night away? Marquee inside the beautiful Cosmopolitan hotel is your typical Vegas club. A huge venue with a great DJ, crowded yet lively dance floor, with appearances by Genie and Jack in the Box. Did I say the Genie from Aladdin and Jack? Yes I did! And no, I was not on any type of narcotic. That was one aspect of the Hangover that we definitely did NOT indulge in.

XS is one of Vegas’ staples. Great music, large glittering chandeliers, outdoor patio/pool, and tables for you to gamble should the drinks not be a sufficient way for you to spend your money. Nevertheless, it’s a great club that everyone must go to at least once.

So there you go my friends. Your very own Cliff Notes guide to throwing a bachlorette in Vegas. And if anyone was there this weekend and saw a group of girls running around the hotel blowing loud pink whistles. You have us to thank for that. And yes, we’re bringing the whistles to the wedding. The bride will LOVE it! (as for her guests, well, that is left to be determined!)

Until next time my friends,