Tales of A Bridesmaid: Edition 3

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Congratulations, you were NOT selected as a bridesmaid. In the world of girls and weddings it is bound to happen. Some of your best girl friends will get married and you will not be selected as a bridesmaid. And you know what? It will be okay. I know, you may be feeling rejected. She was your best friend since Kindergarten. Your Barbies were best friends. You supported each other through breast growths and puberty. You helped her when she got her heart broken by that first guy she was destined to marry. You even held her hair back for her after too many adios shots. The thing you have to remember is that it is probably difficult being her. Her life changed dramatically when her guy got down on one knee and placed a diamond on her finger. From there, she was catapulted into the world of flower arrangements, mother-in-laws, and wedding budgets. To top it off, she has to choose her bridesmaids amongst her childhood, high school, and college friends. Between her sisters, cousins, and all of the women in his family. Give the girl a break.

I am going to be harsh here but it has to be said. The day is all about her and her feelings. It has nothing to do with yours. On the bright side, at least you don’t have to purchase a dress that you can “shorten and wear again” or smile as the selected makeup artist applies Barbie pink lip gloss to you because the bride wanted a synonymous look for all of the bridesmaids. And you never have to look in the closet to find a pair of shoes dyed a crimson red because it was the wedding color. Think about your date! He won’t be sitting alone at the table as you run around the entire day taking bridal party photos so much that your cheek muscles hurt or have permanently frozen into a wedding smile.

Yes, I am sure you have some impeccable memories as a friend of the bride but just think to your future special day when you have this decision to make. Remember that just because you own the “BE FRI” to her “ST END” of the friendship necklace she once gave you in first grade does not mean she does not love you any less or consider you not good enough to be a bridesmaid. I am sure that some difficult decisions had to be made. Support her on her special day, party it up at the bachlorette, give her that embarrassing edible thong and whip at her bridal shower, and be the woman fighting in the front to catch her bouquet when she tosses it. She will appreciate it as much as the girl who holds up her dress every time she has to pee on her wedding day.
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