Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 4

Couple walking in grass

Weddings, a tribute to love and forever happiness. But what happens to everyone else who isn’t the bride or groom? In the event that I’m lucky enough to be granted a “and guest” on my invitation or simply the fact that the happy couple-to-be forgot that I’m riding the waves of singlehood. What to do when faced with such a decision. To guest or not to guest if given the opportunity?

In my perfect world scenario of unicorns and (double) rainbows, by wedding time my boyfriend will be a tall, dark and handsome man who comes complete with manners, career and style. OR I can try the Debra Messing thing and higher a hot date that fits all of the described above but that would be illegal since that man would be a male escort. Plus, who has that much cash to throw around?

Good looking hot buff guy friend? Oh wait, he doesn’t exist or if he did. He would have a boyfriend. And what became ofmy backup plan friend who I’m going to marry whenI’m 35 and still single? Oh yah, he has a serious girlfriend. Well, that would leave the option of the “just friends”guy? But Iwouldn’t want toget his hopes up with all the love and romance in the room – I mean, I am obviously such a catch and all. Hmmm…Ex boyfriend? Not even going to gothere. Make up an imaginary date? Other guests would probably call security upon introductions.

So my fellow single, non-single, it’s complicated friends…guest or not to guest? It’s completely up to you. Just remember that you should like the guy enough to see him in pictures and wedding videos forever.Like enough thatwhen the slow dance songs come on, he’s the one dancing with you. And, if you participated in too many wedding toasts, guess who’s driving you home. As for now, I’ll save my brides some cash and let them use my guest spot for someone else (who knows maybe that someone might turn out to be the one! if we are still talking about my perfect world scenario) But it is nice to just have the option available should the guy mentioned above pop into my life sooner rather than later.

Until next week…