Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 5

I really had a hard time with this post because I just could not find the right words to say it… but here itgoes…Bridesmaids don’t enjoy bridesmaid dresses as much as you think we do! There, I said it and I feel better now. However, the honor of being a bridesmaid far outweighs the dress, so much sothat I really don’t mind what you make me wear.

There could be worse things. Remember the blue disaster that the girls wore from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Here are some of my dress experiences:

Wedding #1: I have been very fortunate that many brides have taken budget into consideration. For this wedding, we shopped in Downtown Los Angeles and found our dresses. It fit well except for length. I had the skirt hemmed for wedding perfection. The day of the wedding, the sister-in-law of the bride steals my dress leaving me with one that was too short! I’ll never forget that.

Wedding #2: Think hot pink Barbie dresses with hot pink gloss to match. Aside from the fact that the material wrinkled and stained easily, it was a long traditional bridesmaid gown. Sadly, another bridesmaid had to rip the entire hem from the bottom of the dress seconds before I walked down the aisle to prevent me from tripping.

Wedding #3: Each bridesmaid wore a black dress. Our bride did not care if it came from your closet or a local department store. Just that it had to be black. Complaint: The length of the dress fell below the knees. Anything that falls below my knees gives my legs the gigantor calves look. Thing I liked: It was comfortable enough for me to dance in.

Wedding #4: It poofs out awkwardly on my hips but nothing too serious an alterations visit can’t fix. I look forward to picking out accessories and shoes for the rest of the party. Thank you, MOH for giving me that task!

Enough of my thoughts? Here are some responses I received from other bridesmaids (names have been changes to protect their identity!)…

“27 dresses:” enjoyed a short, champagne colored dress that was reasonably priced and very comfortable. She plans to wear it for other occasions. The dislike dress? Long, light colored chiffon that was pricey and made her look pregnant. She felt uncomfortable the entire night.

“Everyone’s bridesmaid:” favorite dress was a black strapless because it fit well and was made well and flattered everyone in the bridal party. The dislike dress? A dress that did not fit anyone in the bridal party, had straps that continuously fell off, and material that stained even from a drop of water.

“80’s disaster:” worst dress was the custom made blue that did not fit anyone correctly and bulged at the belly to create a seamlessly pregnant bridal party look.

“Maid of Honor Maven:” asked me if a flower girl dress counts as a favorite dress. Sure, I suppose it could. The dislike dress? She is so good at being a bridesmaid and maid of honor that she won’t even tell me which was her least favorite.

The moral of the story is to please consider individual budgets, sizes, and body types when it comes to your bridesmaids. On the other hand, it is your wedding and we will wear whatever it is you will put us in with a smile on our faces because we love you that much. Make us match from hair to toenails or give us the option of choosing our own shoes and dress style. You are the bride and we are here to serve you. Do keep in mind that revenge can be a pain. I can’t wait until I get to select my future bridesmaids’ dresses! I see colors, feathers and maybe even unicorns and GLITTER! Just kidding.

Until next week my friends,