Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 6


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I solemnly swear to be the best Bridesmaid that I can be. To make sure that the Bride’s lips are glossed before she walks down the aisle, to make sure her dress is nicely fluffed in her photos, and that the rest of the day runs as smoothly as possible. But what happens when Bridesmaids do too much? Can there be such a thing?

Of course there can. In our fast paced world of instant gratification, brides and bridesmaids often find themselves falling down the wedding pit. It is when wedding planning quickly changes from delectable cake tastings to panic and anxiety induced attacks. In my opinion, planning a wedding should be fun. It’s preparation for a day that many girls look forward to. A chance to marry your Prince Charming and live happily ever after.

Oftentimes we complicate things so much that we turn something that is supposed to be romantic, fun and enjoyable into a nightmare. Brides, do not worry yourselves over the tiny details. Coming from someone who has experience in events, most people will be so focused on you that they won’t notice the dinner entrees orwhat kind of wine or champagne is served. They will remember if you were happy and the atmosphere was one of delight, joy and love (not stress and anxiety!).

Bridesmaids, do not take on more than you can handle. When the bride asked you to be one of her bridesmaids, she does expect some level of support from you. However, she does not require that you bend over backwards to do everything. You do not have to place your own life and priorities on hold for her special day and that is something she will both understand and accept.

Please, do notturn intoa Bridesmaidzilla. Yep,Isaid it! Please remember this is not about you or everything you are doing – it is about her and her fiance’s love for one another and how you can share in and be a witness to that love!

So girls and brides, take it from me. Close your eyes, take a deep breath (inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth) and tell yourself that things will be okay because they will. It is a very special day so allow it to be one.