Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 7

Remember that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie and Miranda try on wedding dresses for fun? Then Carrie gets a major panic attack? Sad to say but that’s how I feel about weddings, at least mine that is. I once tried on my friend’s engagement ring on the proper finger and felt a pang of anxiety that hit me like a semi-truck. Looking down at the beautiful sparkler on my ring finger did not conjure up visions of marital bliss and happiness but the realization that as much as I love weddings, I am no where near ready to walk down the aisle. At least not in a wedding gown!

My ring finger prominently displays the newest objects of my desire…gaudy, over the top cocktail rings. The best part is when guys ask if it’s my engagement ring. No you fool, who do you think I’m marrying? Someone off of a Forbes list?!

I have always believed in love, the idea of never having to go on first dates, of figuring out what HE is thinking when things are new, or whether or not he will be there to support you when things go wrong. I am a firm believer that every girl is a Princess. Not necessarily the type that sits around waiting for Prince Charming but the idea that happily ever afters can and do exist.

I once tweeted “Is it possible to fall in love with the idea of being in love?” A guy friend promptly responded “you are such a girl.” It is true, in Preschool I made a young fellow ball room dance with me after too many repeats of Cinderella on VHS. Yet I am always that Bridesmaid hiding in the back during the bouquet toss. As much as I like to adopt feminist, career minded ideals, Itruly am a softy when it comes to love.

There is so much uncertainty when you’re in a position like mine. So many doubts and fears but one of the greatest things about your marriage is that once upon a time when you dated your fiance, you “knew” that he would be the one. I applaud you for that and for being a bride. It’s not only the process of planning a wedding that is huge, but the journey of finding love that is quite the undertaking.

Congratulations my brides, everything from now on should be a delight! He loves you, you love him and you are ready to walk down that aisle. Remember to enjoy the journey getting there!

Until next week my friends.