Tales of a Bridesmaid: Edition 9

Spandex jeans, bedazzled shirts, spandex jeans, fake designer handbags, spandex jeans, MAC makeup, more spandex jeans and more MAC makeup…the scene can be quite confusing and overwhelming but welcome to downtown Los Angeles.

Santee Alley in downtown LA’s fashion district is one big swirl of fake designer goods, aromatic hot dogs from a truck, and so many jewelry stores with 50% off items that can shame the jewelry areas at Forever 21. My love for over the top cocktail rings subsided for just one moment due to the overwhelming bling that lay around every corner.

Alas, I did not go to shop for myself. The Bride, Mother of Bride, and Aunt of Bride were out hunting for weddings things. The mission was to find a broach, pin, or sparkly jeweled thing that can be sewn onto a sash to be worn around the Bride’s waist as a part of the wedding dress. Instead of spending over $200 on a sash at the store the mom of the bride can create one along with detailing the wedding veil with matching beads.

After approximately five jewelry stores and two fabric stores and a lot of oohing,aahhh and hmmmming later, the perfect embellishment and fabric for the sash was found and purchased. I cannot wait to see the finished product on the Bride this July. Additionally, all of us bridesmaids will be wearing cute jeweled headbands (Materials: $10; Made With Love Factor: Priceless) that will match our Sangria-toned dresses. If you’re into sparkly shiny things, check out Tara(210 East Olympic Blvd). And for embellishments and fabrics, skip the jewelry stores and go directly to the vendors.

Happy shopping and DIYing!

Until next week my friends…