Tales of a Bridesmaid: Growing Pains v. Separation Anxiety

It was a Sunday afternoon, I was driving back home and kept looking into the box in the passenger seat next to me. There she was curled up in her new blankets. I was a “mom” to a spunky little pup. However, no dog books or years of dog ownership had prepared me for the separation anxiety that began each morning when I left for work. I left the TV on every day, warmed up dog toys that were supposed to soothe, and even went home for lunch when possible. Nothing. It was only her time to adjust that allowed her to accept that I would leave but always returned.

I now understand how my dog felt. I am going through separation anxiety. Separation from the endless girls nights that I used to have. I missed spending hours in front of the mirror next to my girls as we perfected the smoky eye look. I missed the spontaneous movie nights and dinners. I missed the Friday nights of dancing in painful heels, taking disgusting shots, and having brunch the next day as we giggled over memories and photos. I missed the flexibility and “singleness” of my girls despite the fact that many of them were in serious relationships.

Next year, three very good girl friends of mine will be walking down the aisles to say “I do”. I am a bridesmaid for one of them and will definitely be in attendance for the other two (and of course all three bachlorette parties). I could not be any happier for each of these brides. I only speak for myself and am not sure how many other bridesmaids have gone through this separation anxiety but it’s okay, girls, because it will get easier. You will probably spend more weekend nights in, but just think of it this way. You will be saving up more money for the bridal shower, bachlorette party, presents, and even the bridesmaid dress. Oh, and don’t forget the matching shoes!
Why not just find a new party crew? Because I am perfectly content with all of the strong, caring women in my life. I was there when they drank too much, when a guy (sometimes it’s the future groom) made them cry, and will be there when they become the new Mrs. [Insert Last Name Here].
Only time will allow me to truly adjust to the fact that my girls and I are growing up. That the highlight of my friends’ Friday nights will no longer be dancing the night away followed by a greasy fast food binge at 2am. Call it separation anxiety or growing pains. Like everything in life, all you need is time. Good thing time is the one thing I have right now.

Until next week my friends…