Tales of a Groomsmen…from a Bridesmaid!

Forget 27 dresses! How about 27 tuxes? Okay, I lied. He’s only been in five weddings. Regardless, for a guy – that is a lot of weddings! I recently interviewed the “ultimate groomsman”. Here’s what he had to say about weddings.

What was your favorite part of being a groomsman and what is your least fave?

My favorite part is being a part of a close friend’s unbelievable day… arguably their most important, aside from having kids. The whole ordeal, from the bachelor party (heeeyyoo), to the actual ceremony. You feel honored, like you get to enjoy all the stuff that goes on, but you’re VIP! hahaha… it’s a great feeling.

My least was having to shave my beard for one of the weddings! Luckily I’ve had only good experiences, but I’ll never forget how matter-of-fact the bride was when she told me I was shaving for her day. She’s the boss.

Is it hard for your wedding date because you’re so busy when a part of someone’s big day (taking pics, making toasts)?

Um, I don’t know. I’m a super player, so I never consider a girl’s feelings.

Side note: He really isn’t as much of a player as he thinks he is. I actually know the guy and he’s been a great friend to our mutual friends, has a good track record for treating girls right, loving dog owner, and if he were really a tool – I wouldn’t have asked him to help me with this. However, I hope he never uses the term “super player” ever again. Who says that?!

What’s one of your funniest groomsmen memories?

We took boats in Newport Harbor, hitting up the bait and tackle shop on the way to the reception for a 12 pack. We rolled up with some open boxes for the pics.

Side note: He used to be in a fraternity. No more explanation needed.

Being so exposed to weddings, how often do you as a guy think about your own? If not really, do you plan to be involved or become a groomzilla?

I have always thought about my wedding, actually. I’m in a great relationship right now, and we talk about what we want. It’s fun and exciting to share ideas on such a gigantic event. I know that I’ll be very involved, even if I’m guessing only about 20% of husbands-to-be really get involved. I can’t wait.

Side note: Future groomzilla in the making.

Believe it or not, guys don’t just sleep in then shower and get ready for the ceremony and reception. They really do think about it. Perhaps not nearly as much as girls do but enough to care.

Until next week my friends…