Tales of a Newlywed: The Ms. to Mrs. Transition

My one year wedding anniversary is in two months and I still look at my wedding pictures and wish I can do it all over again. Not because the day wasn’t exactly how I imagined it or because it wasn’t absolutely the best day of my life, but because I had so much fun planning it and going through the process and being engaged. I’m a planner by nature and having almost two full years to get to plan one day was just, in a word, wonderful. And then – getting almost two full years to talk about yourself to everyone you know and have melt-downs on a regular basis without anyone thinking less of you – what a blissfully self-absorbed time in one’s life.

I’ll admit I was so in love with being engaged and planning a wedding that I went through a minor depression after I put away my wedding binder with color-coded dividers, over-filled with samples, meticulous notes, contacts, contracts and timelines. And there’s still a little part of me that gets offended when a friend or colleague talks about planning their big day and doesn’t ask me for advice or a recommendation – they were at my wedding, did they not notice the amazing centerpieces or my breathtaking invitations or my hand-made place cards? Admittedly, I’ve had to remind myself that it’s nothing personal as I rarely took recommendations myself when going through the process… but still, people should know I have mad table decorating skills!

But alas, I’m a wife now – a “Mrs” – and although our relationship hasn’t changed, it feels different; like we’re more of a team now than ever before. Sure, there’s fighting and bickering and socks on the floor and way too much History channel and snoring (oh, the snoring!), but none of that means the same as it did pre-wedding. So no, I’ll never again in my life call someone my fiancé and be someone’s betrothed, but I do just love being married. It was a fun two years and the pictures prove that my blood, sweat and (a lot of) tears made the day perfect and truly started our marriage off right.

So for those of you going through the process now: ENJOY IT. Talk to as many people who will listen about the wedding (as long as they are invited, that is) – and don’t apologize for all the wedding talk, your friends will get their turn someday and return the favor. I know it’s an impossible feat but try not to sweat the small the stuff. If you enjoy the process at the end of the day, when the cake’s been cut, the ice sculpture’s melted and the last song has been danced, you won’t look back with a moment of regret because you’ll only have your future as husband and wife to look forward to, which is so much more fun.