Tales of a Newlywed: To sleep or not to sleep?

I’ll admit it, I’m writing this blog a bit sleep deprived. Oh, the wonders of sharing a bed with the one you love.

Lately it’s been an ongoing race between my husband and I for who can fall asleep first. Ok it’s mostly a challenge to myself to fall asleep before my husband or else being subjected to an annoying ballad by the Snoreharmonic. Yeah, I’d say it’s similar to the Philharmonic in that both create powerful sounds that are quite moving although for completely different reasons, that is. Last night, I lost the challenge.

Ok, I’m sure many husbands snore but I can without a doubt say that med-school students snore like no other. Sure we lived together for a year and half before we married. Sure we went out for 6 years before we moved in together. But since he’s started med school his energy level has plummeted and falls into this sleeping stupor so fast and starts snoring like if he’s trying to deliberately keep me from going to sleep myself. Oh, and forget waking him, I’ve tried patting his head, tapping his chest, shaking his arm, nudging his hip, kicking his foot… he’ll wake up asking what’s wrong and after I whisper-yell at him to shut it, he turns to face me and falls back asleep with an even louder snore.

I sat in bed angry and frustrated and annoyed and really, really tired. While I laid with my pillow over my ears, I realized that I couldn’t get mad at him. He’s not deliberately trying to keep me up (at least that’s what I’m choosing to believe for now). He can’t help the noise he makes when he’s sleeping. So while I was still annoyed at the situation and frustrated that I couldn’t fall asleep I decided I’d be more comfortable if I’d stop smothering myself with my pillow and head for the couch in the living room. Snoring monster: 1, me: zero.

Tonight I’m sleeping in my bed again and slapping one of those Breathe Right Air Strips on him before he doses off. Oh the glamorous side of married life. But darn it if I dont really love him! And, lets be honest, if we have gavehim a go at writing this post I am sure there are some annoyances ofmine he overlooks…daily!

So ladies,shout it out, what are the little things that make you love him so!?