Thank you, Utterly Engaged!

While its true we are literally obsessed with every new issue of Utterly Engaged, Issued 17 has avery special place in our hearts. Itfeatures our very own, ReCreation Camp, and we could not be more honored.

Brittany Rene Photography

ReCreation and its affiliate programs are free camps for adults and children with disabilities in Orange County! We have been volunteering for ReCreation since we were 16 years old and in fact is where we met, became best friends and found the support and courage to start our own business!

Needless to say, Camp is our home and where our heart is!Now, along with Intertwined Events, we are able to give back to the Camp that has given us so much as we donate more than 3,000 hours worth of event planning services as the Directors of ReCreation!We are so blessed to be a part of camp for the last 14 years and know the next 14 will continue to be even more amazing!Thank you so much, Utterly Engaged, for featuring ReCreation and all the amazing volunteers and sponsors that make it possible day in and day out!!

Please visitUtterly Engaged to see the full story! And, email to find out how you can support ReCreation Camp!

All our love,

Katie, Megz and Intertwined Events