The 30 Day Challenge. We will challenge you and you can challenge us right back! We will post a blog every day for 30 days. We will also visit others blogs for those same 30 days and post comments. In return, we challenge you to read our blog each day and, if you like it, pass it to one new friend. You in?! We are!

Ok so why the challenge you ask. Yes, it’s a savvy business decision and we always promised to be honest with you. So here is the behind the scenes of the challenge: this is a method to drive traffic to a blog.

Here’s why:
1. Consistent blog posts allow google to recognize you as an active (read: real) blog and gives you better traction in searches
2. Consistent blog posts allow your loyal readers to have fulfilled expectations. They know when to expect new content and will not be disappointed with a non-updated blog or think that you are, uh-hum, a slacker
3. Regularly commenting on others blogs, and this means genuine, thoughtful comments, not spam, will show that you have something insightful to say and will give you links back to your own blog with an extended reader base and will help to further increase traffic

After the 30 days, we will post the results of the Challenge. We will be honest and let you know if we were able to keep up with writing that many blogs and commenting on others. We will also post the analytics. That’s right, we will give you the numbers to see if we reach our goal of 500 unique visitors by the end of the year.

If you blog, you can use us as your beta. If it works for us, shoot, it can work for you too. As they say, its always about the network. This challenge is just a fun way to build and rely upon our network.

The challenge is on.
Dream Big.