The difficult task of tracking RSVPs just got a little easier!

As M. explained, we have a love for spreadsheets. Whether it be tracking your gifts (loved that post!) or tracking your RSVPs, a good excel spreadsheet makes any task that much easier!

When it comes to tracking your guest count, it can get extremely complicated. There are so many things to keep in mind…Addresses, number of guests, meal preference, whether you even sent the invite, etc. I’m going to share my secret with you that will make it easy – Use an excel sheet!

At Intertwined, when we are responsible for tracking RSVPs for a wedding, we use this template here.

It has all the fields you need and more!

We would love to hear your ideas if you have additional fields you track(ed) for your wedding…it’s all about sharing within our community.

And enjoy the spreadsheet…I hope it makes planning your wedding a tad less stressful!

Continue to Elevate,