The Do’s and Dont’s of Displays

Whether you have a booth at a company picnic or you are a major sponsor at your industry’s annual conference or heck, even your child’s science fair project, there are some definite tricks to the trade so that your display is the one that everyone wants to see.

TOP 10 DOs and DON’Ts of DISPLAYS:

1. DO attract your audience with a visually appealing display. Utilize theme-based colors, give-aways and interactive activities to make your display stand out and seem appealing to the senses.

2. DON’T create a barrier between you and your guests. Just because you have a table you do not need to stand behind it. Form tables and booths into open U-shapes, and have staff stand in front of tables. This will create an inviting, open space to chat with your guests and involve them in your display.

3. DO know your audience. Although you may have a great idea, or one that worked well in the past, it may not translate well to this specific audience. Make sure your set-up and theme play well to your audiences needs and interests.

4. DON’T underestimate your competition. Ask yourself: “Who else will be here, and what will they bring to the table?” Be sure your display is up to par with the rest of the group. Money is not everything. If you are on a budget keep it clean and classy.

5. DO pick a theme and stick with it. Every aspect of your display from pins to badges to staffing attire should all relate back to the theme. If it doesn’t connect, get rid of it.

6. DON’T try to be everything to everyone. You cannot please everyone so do not try and overwhelm yourselves and your guests with too many messages and theme. Pick one idea that will reach the masses and do not stray from it.

7. DO have multi-dimensional features that intrigue guests visually. This will encourage guests to spend more time in your space and encourage others to go visit your area.

8. DO have a call to action for your visitors; it’s not enough to just give them material to read and take home. Whether it’s to leave a business card, join a mailing list, or rate your display on your website, give your guests something to do and a reason to do it. This will further their experience with your brand and will allow you to continue the conversation long after they have left your display area.

9. DO stay goal oriented and always have a clear objective in mind. Make sure your display acts as an agent to help you accomplish that goal. Constantly ask yourself, “What am I here to do”

10. DO MAKE IT MEMORABLE. Using clever and fun ideas, clearly understood by all, is usually a great way to enhance your message and make it last.

Display and Dream Big.