The first 90 days

It’s been three months since M. and I sat down and said, ok – let’s do this! I feel like we have been working on Intertwined for years, but it’s only been 3 months and it gets more exciting everyday!

I am excited to give you all a little update on the “Brilliance” that has taken over our lives! ๐Ÿ™‚

Website – We are finally going to launch the website, next week and that is MORE than exciting! I didn’t realize it would be so hard to get this going – but when you think of all the content and that it makes someone’s first impresssion of your company, it has to be perfect!

Clients – This business is hard to get into – we write proposals and pitch everyday and fight against everyone else in this industry and economy to win a client. We hope in January when 2009 begins that we will start seeing some more progress and more clients! It is about loving what we do, but we have to pay the bills too!
Social Media Networking – M. is definitely the expert in this area and she has done an AMAZING job building our network and showing the world we are out there – now we are nowhere near the number of followers of the Barefoot Executive or HARO but we have learned quality over quantity and with genuine conversations and good content then our Community will indeed grow. (PS We have kept up with our 30 Day Challenge and are half way done, having posted a blog everyday for the last 15 days!)

Launch Announcement – We are VERY excited to officially launch our company in early January – although we are up and running full force, it will be exciting to send out that announcement to all…it will be a grand and proud moment for the both of us. A day of celebration. We should start planning that party–the first of many.

What did I miss? What else do you want updates on? Let us know.

Continue to Elevate.