The Garter Lady…Yes, That’s Her Name!

I have a new found obsession with Etsy. Etsy is similar to E-Bay, but I would say it’s more geared towards ladies as it’s ALL handmade items – from pillows, to jewelry, to furniture, Etsy has it all. As you can tell, sorry guys, but this post may not be the one for you! (Although your feedback on a specific garter you would like to see would be appreciated!!)

The bride for the wedding I planned on Saturday was looking for a specific birdcage veil that she couldn’t find anywhere. We looked everywhere and I finally found something similar to her request on Etsy – who knew!

I also found this lady who creates customized Garters. A garter is a long standing tradition for brides but sometimes, the lacy garters you see in stores, just aren’t what you are looking for. Who says you can’t be more creative and colorful! Check out her full selection at her store: The Garter Lady.

I think this is a cute, personalized touch for a bride! Stay tuned for more Etsy designers who I think provide great bang for your wedding budget buck!

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