The Here and Now

I am a planner by profession, a planner by nature, a planner since I was old enough to talk and throw a tantrum and tell my mommy, “but that’s not how I pwanned it!”

But, I am preaching, today, right in this very moment…STOP PLANNING! Stop stressing the future, stop worrying that all those dreams seem to be on hold, stop pacing back and forth because you haven’t hit said salary at said age or said milestone in said timeframe. I am not saying to stop dreaming or wanting those things. We have to dream! But we don’t have to live everyday for those dreams.

Now is not the time for long term planning and dwelling. All you economists and financial gurus can argue with me all you want but with a crappy economy and a depressing outlook now is not the time to dwell in the “but its not how I pwanned it” moments. Now is the time to enjoy the here and now. Now is the time to dance in the little moments, the day-to-day fun with friends and family, and throw your hands up in the air at the rollercoaster called life.


Dream Big. (Live Big!)