The Occasion.

“Your life is an occasion…Rise to it.” I heard this quote in a movie last night and it just keeps playing in my head, over and over. In the life of media and events we live and breathe for the occasions, for the moments that we can write about, pitch, plan, coordinate, twitter, yelp and every other adjective you can imagine. But what bigger occasion is there than your life, what more important reason to step up and be seen and heard. Your life is your occasion, your moment to shine.

This is my moment, our moment. I can see it, feel it, taste it. I know that we will make it, not because we have to but more importantly, because we want to. I don’t know one thing that J., K. and I have set out to do in the last decade (and yes I have known them that long‚Äîwe will get to the good stuff soon!) that we have not accomplished. We are just those kinds of people. If we want it, we go after it. If we can think it, we will create it.
The question is how you rise and to what heights. Who do you take with you along the way? If you are going to shine, where are you going to focus that light? Your life is an occasion, what occasion will it be? How will you celebrate it?

Our life is THE occasion we must Rise to it! We must live big.

Dream Big.