The question of the week: “What are we thankful for?”

This has been one of those years (for many people) where it can be difficult to focus on the incredible things we have, when what we don’t, is staring us straight in the face. But, there is no more important time than right now, to cherish our blessings, those things that make life truly rich and abundant.

Please indulge me as I list my top 5 things I am truly thankful for in 2009.

1. I am so very thankful for A. (you know who you are!) We have been through some of the darkest and craziest days this year, and you have helped me to find the silver lining in every moment. Now, that we are having brighter days I am so happy to share them with you. Love you. (Sorry, K. if you are reading this, I know how much you hate feelings…moving on!)

2. Your Neighborhood Studio (I swear by Yoga Beauty Ballet and Zumba) and Jillian Michael’s new book, Master Your Metabolism.” You may not think that one book and some fitness dance classes could change a person, but I swear, I am a totally new woman! I have found fun in working out and balance in my crazy work life. And, thanks to Jillian, I eat (and cook) more healthy than ever before. (proof: Read this past post!)

3. Our Community is better than all the rest! That’s right I said it! I will put them up against anyone, that’s how grateful I am for all those that help K. and I to elevate the brilliance of Intertwined and spread the love of ReCreation Camp. We could not do any of it without our brilliant family, friends, followers, readers, clients, volunteers, campers, and of course, you! Thank you for being such an important part of our Community!

4. And speaking of community I would be quite remiss to not be very thankful this year for social media. Yep, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…you have made my top 5 list of 2009! And no, not because I am obsessive about talking at people like Chad Ochocinco, “child please!” Rather, Social Media has been the greatest tool and asset to allow me to overcome unemployment, start a business, write this blog, reach you, meet some of our greatest business partners and clients, and find the resources, vendors and answers we seek, almost instantly. Social media has taken communication to the next level encouraging integrity and genuine participation. Now that is something we can all be thankful for!

5. Friend vs. Fan vs. Frienemy. I have learned some incredibly valuable lessons this year for which I will be eternally grateful. The biggest of which is to choose your friends wisely and once you have found them, cherish them. Just is important however, is to learn to walk away from those people that are not rooting for your every success and happiness. If they are not a fan nor a dear friend, they are not needed. Life is too short to be spent with those that make it harder or not enjoyable. Cut your losses as soon as possible (always with class) and move on!

Dream Big. Thank often.

PS: K. I am so very thankful to do all that we do, together (crazy adventures)! Wouldn’t have it any other way!

Photo courtesy of controltheweb.