Thursday Toast Time – A Toast to Bride and Bloom!

Amy Schoenbaum of Bride and Bloom Flowers can predict what type of flowers you’ll like when you walk in the room. The interior designer-turned-floral designer has a degree in design and an eye for style unmatched in the industry.

“I get a feel for [a bride’s style] right away. I can go from a general style to a floral style,” Amy said. “Looking at what a bride is wearing, what kind of purse she brought, or her accessories or lack of accessories gives me a hint of what they like or don’t like.”

The bubbly business owner began Bride and Bloom Flowers on a whim nearly four years ago, when her friends were getting married and hated their options for flowers.

“It was hard to find a florist that ‚Äògot’ what you wanted,” she said. “I think I just got kind of lucky that way in finding clients.”

But it’s not just luck that’s made Amy’s business blossom. Her designs are both timeless and fun. She understands each bride’s personal style‚Äîa knack she attributes to her interior design background.

“I get if they’re modern and chic…I can tell if they have a kitchen with metals and chrome,” she laughs.

Amy’s background also gives her an artists’ perspective you can’t find at your mom-and-pop flower shop.

“I had to study all sorts of things‚Äîcolor, theory, painting, sketching and composition. I really feel at times when you’re looking for something artistic or well-put-togetherit’s hard to find at a regular flower shop,” she said. “I like to think that [my arrangements] are well balanced and the colors go together really well.”

Yet even though she has an eye for color, she shows off her adventurous side when picking arrangements for the ceremony and the reception.

“I’m not a believer that everything has to go together‚Äîespecially if you have two different venues,” Amy said. “Most brides for a ceremony want something more timeless, but for the reception I’m a huge believer in color and arrangements that look really fun.”

That’s why she loves weddings. Each bride’s unique taste lets Amy constantly exercise her creative genius.

“You get to create something fantastic!” she exclaims. “If I was a florist at a corner shop, people would look for something little, like a birthday. When you have a wedding you actually have somebody who wants something gorgeous‚Äîyour centerpieces are being looked at for four or five hours.”

Her passion translates to tireless attention to detail. In her favorite wedding to date, Amy crystallized 350 lemons by hand to incorporate into vintage botanical centerpieces. And that’s what sets her apart‚Äîshe fully invests in each and every wedding.

“I at least oversee every single wedding,” Amy said. “If it’s huge, I have two to three assistants, but if it’s small it might just be me.”

Both of her assistants are just as qualified, as they each have formal art training.

“I like being surrounded by super creative people. They help inspire me,” she said, mentioning Monica of Papercut Industries.

These inspirations make for modern but classic designs that exude that look of timelessness while remaining refined and fresh. And for all of those go-green brides, Amy is one of the only stores that offers eco-friendly flowers.

You may now kiss the bloom.