Thursday Toast Time – A toast to Charla Blue!

For Charla Brummel of charla BLUE photography, it was love at first click. The Spanish teacher was chaperoning a group of high school students in Spain in 2007 when she was handed a DSL-R camera.

“On that day in Bracelona, I decided to be a photographer,” she said. “I’ve always had a love for taking pictures and capturing moments … but I just did it because I wanted my life captured. I never knew the art and science behind it.”
When Charla returned to home to her new husband, she bought a camera, and charla BLUE was born.
“He’s used to my crazy ideas,” she laughs. “I love the color turquoise … He coined the term ‚ÄòCharla blue.'”

The self-described dreamer immediately started photographing her friends—maternity shots, newborn shots, and weddings—which she decided were her niche.

“I loved planning my wedding. I love weddings in general; I cry at every one,” she admits. “I just decided it’s what I love most and the most rewarding‚Äîit’s when I’m happiest.”

Charla is unique in that she concentrates on her relationship with the bride and groom, rather than taking that ‚Äòperfect shot,’ and yet this connection allows her to take the best pictures.

“I feel like if you’re going to hire me, you’re going to get awesome images‚Äîyou’ll hire me because I’m laidback and fun, and I want you to feel at ease,” she said.
She believes it’s this connection that allows her to capture those behind-the-scenes moments, the intricate details that knit the wedding and the couple together.
“It’s more of a personality and friendship thing,” Charla said. “There are so many fun, awesome photographers, but everyone is different. Some [couples] will connect with me because they love the things I love, like traveling or the color turquoise.”

Charla includes an engagement session with each of her packages, because she wants to develop a personal relationship with the couple before the big day. She also offers private boudoir sessions for brides. On the day of, she keeps the focus on the couple.

“I just try to get the most natural pictures possible … I would say I love just being a fly on the wall, capturing the laughter and the tears and all of the emotion,” she said. “The best part of being wedding photographer is that you get to be a part of all the behind-the-scenes moments‚Äîwhen the bride is by herself, having her quiet moment, you get to be there.”

In these moments, she takes gorgeous photographs as well as creates relationships that will last beyond the day of the ceremony.

“I want to walk away with friends really … I like to work with couples that are a good fit for me, and we get along well and have things in common,” she said.

Charla says she’s constantly looking for ways to improve her work, to challenge herself, so that couples can walk away knowing their day could not have been captured better.

“It’s such a gift to be able to give people images that they cherish,” she said.

And with charla BLUE, those gifts just keep on giving.