Thursday Toast Time – A Toast to Colette’s Catering

If you’re looking for the hidden gem, Colette’s Catering bedazzles.

The full service catering company not only plans your food and beverage, it offers two exclusive venues where Colette’s hardworking staff will take care of everything. “We’re a one-stop shop,” Jenna Beck, director of catering and events said. Jenna oversees events booked at the Meridian Club, one of Colette’s prime locations she dubs ” a hidden gem.”

Located on the second floor of a sports complex in Fullerton right off the freeway, it’d be sinful to overlook this treasure. The space has two beautiful ballrooms. For those who just can’t cut anyone out of their address book, the grand ballroom seats 220 and hold 300 for a cocktail reception. Those wanting to keep it intimate can dance the night away in the villa ballroom, which reaches capacity at 100.
The Meridian Club also offers two smaller rooms that hold 40-50 guests when offset by a partition or 70 when the room is opened up.“It’s unique – there’s a lot of space you can play out,” Jenna said. “It gives guests an opportunity to feel like they’re not just enclosed in one room.”
This is true for Colette’s other exclusive venue, the Muckenthaler Mansion. Also located in Fullerton, the mansion, affectionately nicknamed the “Muck,” is a gorgeous historical landmark donated to the city of Fullerton by the Muckenthaler family. It’s a sight to make Gatsby’s mouth water, and weddings are solely reserved for Colette’s Catering.
If you’re going for that look reminiscent of a 1920s soiree, the “Muck” delivers. It shares space with a museum and art exhibit. Most choose it for the lawn and garden outside, which seats weddings up to 350 and has been featured in many magazines and acted as the backdrop for photographers, vendors and linen companies to showcase their products in that fairytale setting. Colette’s also offers a room inside which can hold up to 150 for a smaller reception or wedding.

“Some love it, some hate it,” Jenna said. “If you like that historical look where it’s very dated … that vintage look, you’re going to fall in love with it.”Where the Meridian Club works with a slimmer budget, the Muckenthaler comes at a higher price‚Äîtheir lowest budget option is the Meridian Club’s highest. The two venues cross-reference clients to ensure your event dazzles no matter what the cost.

This interconnectivity makes Colette’s a diamond in the rough. They’re just as invested in making your day perfect as you are. “We’re such a close-knit family here. We take pride in our clients,” Jenna said. “We’re not the type of catering company that comes and drops off the food and leaves.”

This means when you hire Colette’s you get hands-on customer service. Most of the professional staff they bring in has consistently worked for Colette’s.
“They know our expectation; they’re an extension to our olive tree. They are a face to the company just a much as I am or the owners are,” Jenna said. “It doesn’t matter who you’re working with – the quality of service and food is going to be consistent, always.”

This is true even if you choose another venue in Orange County. Colette’s Catering is on the preferred vendor’s list of over fifty locations in the area, meaning “you can take our services pretty much anywhere,” Jenna said.
And even if that venue doesn’t work, Colette’s can still satisfy your sweet tooth. Its cake department, Cake Goddesses, has a selection Aphrodite couldn’t turn down.

Colette’s beauty is in its diversity‚Äîof events, services, and the people it serves. One of Jenna’s favorite events was a first Korean birthday.

“If you’ve never seen one before it’s crazy‚Äîthey go all out with huge centerpieces, multiple cakes, sit-down dinners, toasts‚Äîit’s like seeing a wedding production go on,” Jenna said. “Being able to plan events for all types of cultures and learning more about people and living outside the box is what I like best about Colette’s.”

No matter who you are or what event you’re hosting, Colette’s will treat you like family. We know this treasure won’t stay hidden for long.