Thursday Toast Time – A Toast To Dave Richards Photography

Maybe you’re the couple that can’t keep straight faces‚Äîlaughing and pulling pranks. You might be the couple stealing glances at each other across the room while pretending to be engrossed in another conversation; or the one quietly holding hands and whispering in each other’s ears. Maybe you’re the infamous: the one that simply can’t keep their hands off each other because you’re so in love.
No matter who you are, Dave and Sandy Richards of Dave Richards Photography can capture it on camera. The high school sweethearts turned business partners turned newlyweds are a formidable photography team determined to catch you and your partner, being you.
“We have a very relaxed photojournalistic style. We like to keep things fun and fresh and capture the couples how they truly are,” Dave said.
This dedication to keeping it “fun, fresh and real” pops both in their creative photos as well as their down-to-earth attitude.
“One of the defining elements of what we do is the ability to really connect with our couples,” Dave said. “When we become ‚Äòfriends with cameras’ instead of ‚Äòthe photographers’ our couples are really able to let their guard down and they are able to have a great time with us … we are able to capture real emotions and sincere romantic moments.”
The duo are suckers for a good romantic moment, and passionate about photography, making them the perfect team for the wedding industry. Dave and Sandy decided to start a business after documenting Sandy’s sister’s wedding in 2006.
“We had such a blast capturing all of the memories and were so touched by how excited her sister was at the end result. We knew from that day forward that this is what we wanted to do,” Dave said.

Their joy for their work is infectious. It’s almost as if they’re more excited for your wedding than you are‚Äîalmost.

“We love making people happy! Your wedding day is known as one of the happiest days of your life and there is no greater honor than being there to capture that day,” Dave said.

Because of their devotion to bringing happiness, they don’t pick favorites when it comes to weddings they’ve shot.

“We love shooting couples that are in love, anytime and any place, from engagement sessions to the wedding day to day-after sessions,” Dave said. “Each couple and wedding is unique and each wedding has its own fabulous moments and details to capture.”

This fierce commitment to their clients, models their commitment to each other—both in their professional and personal relationship.

“We love working together!” Dave said. We really do bring out the best in each other. We inspire each other each and every day. There are always moments in any business when things get tough, so it is nice to have one another to keep each other motivated to press forward.”

Wow. Looks like we all need to take notes—or their number.
Dave and Sandy’s optimism, openness, and dedication make them an irresistible pick for your wedding. Dave said the best part of his job is “being part of such an extraordinary time in a couple’s life and making new friends in the process.”

Now that’s an offer we can’t refuse.